Oversize Heavy Haul Truck Escort Full Service Truck Escort  

The company mission is to deliver the highest quality service possible to Trucking Companies and Owner/Operators.
The company has gone the extra mile to present the itself and equipment in the highest level of professionalism.
The equipment is maintained on a regular schedule to insure no delays in the timely delivery of the load.
The company will always conduct itself in a safe, courteous, and professional manner.

The company maintains tuned CB radio equipment to the highest level of efficiency to insure no break down in communications.
As an extra layer of precaution, a hand held unit is within ready reach, and the driver will exchange their cell phone numbers for use in the unforeseen event of emergency.
The company Provides Nationwide, Over Dimensional, and, High Load Truck Escort Services.

Dan Brinson | 407-697-2708 | db@oversizeheavyhaulescort.com | Orlando, FL